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Laurie Cain LCain at
Thu Sep 21 11:24:17 EST 2000

The Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology validates novel
molecular targets, develops assays for drug discovery in the area of
inflammation and oncology and evaluates  drug candidates for development as
gene regulating therapeutics:

Senior Flow Cytometry Specialist

Department of Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology

Qualified candidates will have a B.S. with 5+ years, or MS/Ph.D with 3+
years academic or biotechnology research experience in flow cytometry, with
sound knowledge of multi-color flow cytometry and sterile cell sorting as
they relate to in vitro and in vivo experiments and assay development.
Proven ability to design experiments with working knowledge of signal
transduction as related to regulation of immune and inflammatory diseases is
highly desirable, with understanding of cancer-specific flow cytometry
Good interpersonal and communication skills required to interact with a
multidisciplinary team.  Code:  RDS.

Position is commensurate with the experience level of the candidates.
Signal offers a competitive compensation package that includes equity
participation.  If your skill set fits this job description, please send
resume, indicating Job Code to:

Celgene Corp-Signal Research Div.
Attn:  L. Cain/Code: RDS,
 5555 Oberlin Dr.
San Diego, CA  92121
E-mail: lcain at <mailto:lcain at>

Laurie J. Cain, Associate Director
Human Resources
Celgene, Signal Research Division
5555 Oberlin Drive
San Diego, CA  92121
(858) 558-7500

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