G4 for FACSCalibur

Matthias Haury mhaury at igc.gulbenkian.pt
Thu Sep 21 05:12:47 EST 2000

Hey y'all,

I have upgraded our Calibur to a G4, it's easy if you already have a PCI
BDIO Board (from 7600 PPC or G3), if you have the Quadra, you will need to
purchase another PCI board from BDIS, which I guess is difficult to buy

Also if you do so, you should buy an i-Mate USB-ADB converter to connect the
ADB Dongle to the USB Bus (or have a new USB dongle from BDIS), also make
sure that you are not using any SCSI Devices for backup, or order a separate
SCSI 2906 Card from Adaptec for the G4.

You also need System 9.04, and BD Inits 3.4 and Cellquest 3.3 (all of which
I guess you can get from BDIS as free upgrade ???)

Last not least you have to know that BDIS of course will no longer cover any
problems related to the computer or BDIO communication, so if you have a
service contract you might loose the protection for all I/O related problems
(this you have to discuss with your BDIS rep).

We have no problems because I don't have a service contract, and we have
enough competence for all Mac OS related problems...

Besides this it works beautifully...

Hope that clarifies things..


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> From: Jeannine Navratil <jsn9 at imap.pitt.edu>
> Organization: University of Pittsburgh
> Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 16:14:01 -0500
> To: Cytometry Mailing List <cytometry at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu>
> Subject: G4 for FACSCalibur
> Hello all!
> We want to upgrade our FACSCalibur computer from a Power PC to a G4.  I
> wanted to play it safe and purchase it through BD, but the powers that
> be think that their price is ridiculously inflated, when we could buy a
> G4 ourselves for considerably less money.  Has anyone done this, and if
> so, did you run into problems?
> My concerns are 1.  Installing the card that connects to the cytometer,
> 2.  Making sure that the operating system is compatible with the
> cytometer and CellQuest software,  3.  What does this do to our service
> contract coverage, since now the computer is no longer covered?
> Any advice would be much appreciated!
> Jeannine Navratil
> University of Pittsburgh
> Arthritis Institute

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