Luminex technology

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Hi Roli & flowers,

Luminex had a stand at the 100th ASM in LA in May. The technology
looks impressive and it certainly is an attractive concept to be able
to measure RNA, DNA, cytokines and perform receptor binding assays
using a single technology. I also wondered about having to buy the
machine, which is clearly what is being promoted. A recent
publication measured 15 cytokines simultaneously on FACScan, the
advantage over ELISA seems to be greater sensitivity and potential
cost savings with multiple cytokines (JIM 1999, 227, 41-52). Single
nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) can also be performed on FACS
(cytometry 2000, 39, 131-140).

I would also like to hear from people who are actually using the
system with FACS or Luminex machine, especially how it compares with
for example BD flow cytokine bead array in terms of cost, ease of
use, number of cytokines that can be measured, etc.



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> Hello all,
> I was wondering if there are any users who have tried the FlowMetrix system
> from Luminex technology for multiplexed cytokine detection?  What are the
> experiences people have with this system?  Does one have to buy their
> machine also or just the beads?  I looked at few emails in the archives.
> The emails from about 2 years ago seem to indicate that the system had
> promise.  Any new information would be helpful.  Also if there are other
> comparable systems/methods available from other companies, I would like to
> hear about it.
> Thanks
> Roli
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