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I have always avoided systemic ethanol, since I feel this can cause accumulation of fixed
debris.  That's probably the clouding that Partec is referring to.  I think it's best to
sterilize with bleach (5-10%).  You can also use a mild detergent as a pre-treatment.
Always follow with sterile sheath solution.
Note . . . never run bleach or detergent through the in-line filter.  Remove the filter
and connect a bypass before cleaning.
A further note on the in-line filter . . . I've removed these from my Vantage and Elite
sorters, and sort sterile frequently.  I've had no problems with contamination, since all
sheath fluid is 0.22u filtered before use.  Also, I routinely clean the sorters
systemically . . . a clean machine runs better, and is easier to make sterile when

Isabell Schmitt wrote:

> Dear Fellow Flowers,
> I have a question regarding decontamination of tubes and cuvette in a FACS Analyser
> (Galaxy) equipped with a sorting cuvette: Partec does not recommend a 70 % ethanol
> solution for decontamination of the system prior to sorting as alcohol would lead to
> clouding of the cuvette after some time. On the other hand, other companies like BD
> recommend the use of a 70 % ehtanol solution for this purpose. What we now did was use
> a 2 % Hypochloride solution, but we are not sure weather this is good for the cuvette.
> If anyone has experience in getting the system sterile and keep the cuvette clear in
> the long run we would be very happy, if you could give us some tips!
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Isabel Schmitt
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