G4 for FACSCalibur

Jeannine Navratil jsn9 at imap.pitt.edu
Wed Sep 20 17:55:54 EST 2000

Hello all again!

Well, I've learned a bit since I posted the message yesterday.  I spoke
with technical support at BD, and according to them, the electronics
card that is in our Power PC (7600/120) is compatible with a G4:  it
just needs to be moved to the PCI slot in the new computer.  As far as
compatibility, any G4 that does NOT have a dual processor has been
tested and is compatible with CellQuest 3.3.  Since the dual processor
G4s are the latest hot thing, the old G4s are now being sold for bargain
prices at places like MacMall or MacConnection.

As far as the service contract goes, buying and connecting up our own
computer does not affect our instrument support, but the new computer is
not covered under that contract.

The bottom line is, you can do this yourself for considerably less than
what BD would like you to pay.  I'll keep everyone posted as to how we
make out with this.


                                                        University of

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