immunophenotyping of plasma cells in MGUS patients

Wed Sep 20 15:17:43 EST 2000

I do the exact same thing, but also do a CD38/DNA (propidium iodide) assay for %
S phase and ploidy on the plasma cells in "positive" cases.

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we have this kind of request from time to time, mainly in patients with
monoclonal gammapathy and approx. 8-10% of plasma cells in BM smears. We
use two basic triple stainings: CD38/F/CD56PE/CD19TRI and
cylambdaF/cykappaF/CD138, where we use Intra-Stain from Dako for cyt.Ig. We
acquire 50.000 events and during analysis gate on CD38bright in the first
tube and on CD138 in the second. Then we look for the normal vs
pathological plasma cells and for kappa/lambda ratio.
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At 11:27 2000-09-19 -0400, you wrote:
>I recently came across the article published in the AM J Pathol (1998,
>152:1655-1665) by Ocqueteau et al regarding the immunophenotype of plasma
>cells from monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.  The
>following questions are for those of you that work in a clinical setting.
>Do you receive requests for typing (by flow cytometry) plasma cells in bone
>marrow  of patients with MGUS?
>Do you offer the service?
>If so what protocol do you fallow?
>I will greatly appreciate your assistance.
>Leonel W. Edwards, MD.
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>Danbury Hospital
Anna Porwit
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