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Isabell Schmitt schis at
Tue Sep 19 13:42:24 EST 2000

Dear Fellow Flowers,
I have a question regarding decontamination of tubes and cuvette in a FACS Analyser
(Galaxy) equipped with a sorting cuvette: Partec does not recommend a 70 % ethanol
solution for decontamination of the system prior to sorting as alcohol would lead to
clouding of the cuvette after some time. On the other hand, other companies like BD
recommend the use of a 70 % ehtanol solution for this purpose. What we now did was use
a 2 % Hypochloride solution, but we are not sure weather this is good for the cuvette.
If anyone has experience in getting the system sterile and keep the cuvette clear in
the long run we would be very happy, if you could give us some tips!

Thanks a lot in advance

Isabel Schmitt

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