Facsvantage and Hoechst for DNA cell cycle

Eric Van Buren aa9080 at wayne.edu
Tue Sep 19 13:05:57 EST 2000

>Does anyone have any information on how to set up the Vantage for DNA
>cell cycle using Hoechst.  I know that BD has a QC kit using PI
>staining.  Do I set up the instruement using this kit and then switch to
>the FL5 channel for Hoechst?  I haven't been able to find out any
>information on setting up the Vantage for Cell cycle using Hoechst.
>Thank you


We use Hoechst 33342 beads from Flow Cytometry Standards Corp. or Rainbow
Control Particles RCP-30-5 from Spherotech to align and set up the Vantage.
Recently, we have looked at using the DNA QC Kit from BD for quality
assurance. The preliminary data suggest a final Hoechst 33342 concentration
of between 2 and 10 µg/ml works well with the CTNs from the kit.

Good luck,

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