Howell-Jolly bodies

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Tue Sep 19 02:25:50 EST 2000

Dear Marco,

if you by Howell-Jolly bodies mean micronuclei in human eryts, we have
recently published this.

Abramsson-Zetterberg, L.,G. Zetterberg, M. Bergström  and J. Grawé, (2000)
Human cytogenetic biomonitoring using flow-cytometric analysis of
micronuclei in transferrin-positive immature peripheral blood
reticulocytes. Env. Mol. Mutagen, 36(1)22-31.

Best regards,

Jan Grawé

>Hello Flowers,
>Does anyone have experience detecting erythrocytes with Howell-Jolly bodies
>by flow?
>Thanks in advance
>Marco A. Fernández
>FACS Facility
>University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol
>08916 Badalona (Barcelona)
>marcoa at

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