Transient myeloproliferative disorder in Down children

Anja Porwit Anja.Porwit at
Fri Sep 15 09:41:24 EST 2000

Does anybody have any experience with immunophenotyping of Transient
myeloproliferative disorder in Down children?
We have a patient, 14 days old with Down, enlarged liver, palpable spleen,
HB normal, WBC 14 with some blasts, plt 90. In the bone marrow smears there
are 23% blasts (rather large, no granula), granulopoiesis that is activated
and differentiating well, normal erythropoiesis and quite a few lymphatic
cells. Immunophenotyping showed a population in the blast region, positive
for CD34, CD7, CD33, CD117, but not for Tdt, B and other T cell markers
(incl. cyt CD3 and CD79a). A combination of CD34 and CD7 would suggest a
pathological population as in incipient AML. However clinics may be
consistent with TMD.
All comments would be greatly appreciated!

Anna Porwit
Hematopathology Lab.
Department of Pathology
Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm
Anja.Porwit at

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