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Human Genome Sciences is recruiting for a Research Associate to work in the
Pre-Clinical Development Department.  Interested parties may fax their
resume and cover letter to (301) 309-8512, attention job code JF/JC, or
apply online at

                    Research Associate - Flow Cytometry

The Experimental Pathology Section of the Preclinical Development
Department is in need of a Research Associate to work in the Flow Cytometry
and Clinical Pathology Core Laboratories.  The flow lab provides
immunophenotyping, cell cycle and apoptosis assays, and other FACS-based
experimental assays.  The clinical pathology lab provides routine automated
hematology and clinical chemistry, as well as, special support for the
company. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing
priorities are critical to meeting the diverse needs of the
multi-disciplinary scientific teams.

The primary responsibilities of this position are flow cytometry sample
preparation, FACScan operation, and data analysis.  Some allocation of time
would also be in the clinical pathology laboratory.  The flow cytometry
work requires handling various cell types using general tissue culture
techniques, and manipulating cell samples for analysis by a flow cytometer.
The successful candidate will also take a proactive role in maintaining the
instrument and reagent inventory.

Job Requirements:

-    BS in a scientific discipline
-    1-3 years of experience in a research or clinical laboratory
-    A background in FACS and animal research experience would be
-    ASCP Medical Technologist certification is desirable
-    Ability to carry out routine laboratory procedures and calculations
under minimal supervision
-    Maintain accurate laboratory notebooks
-    Good fundamental computer skills (word processing, spread sheets)
-    Ability to effectively interact and communicate with others
-    Detail-oriented, conscientious, cooperative attitude

Human Genome Sciences
The mission of Human Genome Sciences is to treat and cure disease by
bringing new gene-based medicines to patients around the world. We are
dedicated to discovery for health.

We believe that our genomics-based drugs will usher in a new generation of
healthcare products. Our medicines will use the human body's natural
substances -- genes, proteins, and antibodies -- to repair, rebuild and
restore to normal health damaged, diseased and aged tissues.

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