CPT Code for CD4/CD8

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Hi -

The below is a portion of a reply I sent to Bessie off-list. Comments from
anyone out there?

Addressing other clinical flow billing questions . . .

I suggest you get your hospital's financial consultant/expert to address
this issue. I am working with my own "experts" in this area. Knowing what I
know dealing with them, I recommend that you challenge them every step along
the way. For instance:

In cases such as CD34 panels, the prof and tech fees all go to the hopital -
no additional billing is done by the (separate) pathology group.

For leukemia/lymphoma panels, only the tech fees go to the lab because the
pathologists bill the professional component separately.

But a paid consultant told us that the -TC (technical only) suffix was not
necessary for markers billed by a hospital (we are not an independent lab).
Apparently this consultant either assumes that we never can get professional
fees, so not to bother noting it, or she is leading us down a path of
double-billing. . . .



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