Tough CLL case & summary

James W. Jacobberger jwj at
Wed Sep 13 22:56:28 EST 2000

I would like to know if someone has found an antibody that is specific for cyclin D1.
So far, all of the antibodies that we've tested (4, I think) cross react with
(probably D2) among other things - i.e., they are positive in PHA stimulated
lymphocytes.  Also, at least by flow cytometry reactivity in MCL does not seem that
impressively bright.

James Jacobberger
Case Western Reserve Univ.

Sharon F Vogt wrote:

> >
> >Why not try staining for intranuclear cyclin D1 to determine if it is mantle cell
> >lymphoma?
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> Hi and thanks to all who wrote to give opinions and suggestions. The one
> above, to run Cyclin D1, was the most commonly cited way to solve the given
> problem of differentiating between CLL and Mantle Cell. We did do cyclin D1
> on the tissue originally and it was negative. Our protocol (IHC) for this
> particular stain, as I've explained to others, is not one that I'd stand by
> because I can't get the staining quite right on known mantle cells (though
> it's just fine on breast tissues).
> Cyclin D1 was also performed on the bone marrow by the _other_ lab - it,
> too, was negative. Cytogenetics (bone marrow) showed a trisomy 12 in one
> cell. The clinicians are going to treat the case as a CLL, but more
> aggressively than they would a "typical" CLL. The question below is
> interesting, though. Is CLL _ever_ cyclin D1 positive?
> >>Or if it is cyclin D1 positive, would anyone consider the term "atypical
> CLL"? Does
> >>this have any meaning?
> Thanks again for coming to my aid!!
> sharon

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