Activated BAL T cells

Becky Kelly Eak at
Tue Sep 12 12:35:45 EST 2000

Dear James,  airway T cells (in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid) are definitely of an
activated phenotype.  (There is a large body of literature for human cells, I don't
know about murine cells).  This activation may be due to activation signals  received
during migration of the cells through the interstitial tissues  and/or  activation in
situ due to constant encounter with aerosolized antigens.  From our experience with
normal human volunteers,  approximately 70% of CD4+ BAL cells express CD69 compared
to 15% for CD4+ blood  cells (MCF is 328 vs 264).  For HLA-DR approximately 70% of
CD4+ BAL cells are positive compared to 5% of  CD4+ blood  cells (however, the MCF is
similar 326 vs 362).   We don't see much difference in CD25 (although it is reported
in the literature). For CD25+, 30% of BAL CD4s and  35% of blood cells are positive.

Hope this helps-Becky

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