CD79a distribution

Daniel Arber darber at
Tue Sep 12 15:19:38 EST 2000

We have detected CD79a in megakaryocytes, some leukemia myeloblasts, and
some T-lymphoblasts.

     Dan Arber

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     Subject:  CD79a distribution
     Author:   aavery at CVMBS.COLOSTATE.EDU ("Anne Avery, DVM, PHD"
     <aavery at CVMBS.COLOSTATE.EDU>)
     Date:          09/12/2000 7:41 AM

       While this is not strictly a flow question, I suspect people on
       list might have some experience with this issue.  Many
       pathologists use anti-human CD79a to detect B lymphocytes,
       usually in
       cases of lymphoma.  In the original report describing one clone
       (HM47), reactivity with smooth muscle and pancreas was
       Has anyone else noted non-lymphoid tissues with reactivity to
       antibody in any species including people?  In particular we are
       wondering about bone reactivity/osteosarcoma.  Thank you.

       Anne Avery, VMD, PHD
       Department of Pathology
       Colorado State Univ
       Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1671, USA
       aavery at

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