CPT Code for CD4/CD8

Dr Philip McCoy pmccoy at UMDNJ.EDU
Tue Sep 12 20:34:36 EST 2000

CPT codes 86359, 86360, and86361 are not meant to be billed together..you
must bill for only one of these, whichever is most appropriate.  86359 is
for total T cell counts (read CD3), 86360 is for CD4 AND CD8 absolute count
WITH ratio, and 86361 is for absolute CD4 counts  alone. Flow cytometry or
other methodology may be used for these. Other cell surface markers assays
must use 88180, unless you are doing HLA-B27. If you are doing a more
complete immunophenotyping workup, such as CD3/CD4/CD8/CD19/CD56/CD16/CD45
along with a separate differential and white count, you can probably bill
881880 times the number of markers run plus bill for the CBC and diff
separately. If you are doing a single platform method, this becomes
arguable. Of course all of this pertains primarily to outpatient
billing...inpatients are a whole other can of worms.....

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