Questions about BD online diagnostics and autoclone

Brian Chelack BRIAN.CHELACK at
Mon Sep 11 18:51:05 EST 2000

Hello again everyone;

As we wrestle with our decision to purchase a used instrument from BD or
Coulter (a FACStar+ and elite respectively); the utility of the online
diagnostics from BD is called into question.  As we are relative
neophytes as far as cell sorting goes and are located quite aways off
the beaten trail, how valuable will the online diagnostics be?  Can
anyone provide me with anecdotal evidence to bring to our next meeting
that will help us make our decision? Has it been useful, What level of
expertise is provided?  Can it be used to troubleshoot instrument
problems as well as applications?  Are the people nice to talk to?  It
sounds as though on line diagnostics is a great idea, but does it work?

The second question regards the use of the autocloner hardware on the
FACStar+.  What experiences have people had with this option?  Does it
work well with the CloneCyt plus software?  I have heard that there are
some problems with using this option on the FACStar+ but don't know the


bjc - Brian

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