Tough CLL case & summary

Sharon F Vogt svogt at
Mon Sep 11 08:50:13 EST 2000

>Why not try staining for intranuclear cyclin D1 to determine if it is mantle cell


Hi and thanks to all who wrote to give opinions and suggestions. The one
above, to run Cyclin D1, was the most commonly cited way to solve the given
problem of differentiating between CLL and Mantle Cell. We did do cyclin D1
on the tissue originally and it was negative. Our protocol (IHC) for this
particular stain, as I've explained to others, is not one that I'd stand by
because I can't get the staining quite right on known mantle cells (though
it's just fine on breast tissues).

Cyclin D1 was also performed on the bone marrow by the _other_ lab - it,
too, was negative. Cytogenetics (bone marrow) showed a trisomy 12 in one
cell. The clinicians are going to treat the case as a CLL, but more
aggressively than they would a "typical" CLL. The question below is
interesting, though. Is CLL _ever_ cyclin D1 positive?

>>Or if it is cyclin D1 positive, would anyone consider the term "atypical
CLL"? Does
>>this have any meaning?

Thanks again for coming to my aid!!


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