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Fri Sep 8 13:45:52 EST 2000

Greetings floweurs:

Is streptavidin-CyChrome (aka PE-Cy5) too big to get into the nuclei of
ethanol-fixed tumor cells?  I stained a couple colon tumor lines (HT-29 and
HCT-116) with mpm2-biotin (a marker of mitosis) + SA-CyChrome and didn't see
anything.  It worked fine with plain mpm2 antibodies + goat anti-mouse-FITC,
but I need green for something else.  BrdU antibodies conjugated to PE get
into the nucleus of ethanol-fixed cells OK, but the cells are also usually
treated with acid.  Do I need bigger holes in the membrane(s) or should I
look elsewhere for an explanation?

Ken Hook
Pfizer Global R&D Ann Arbor
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