Rh123 uptake in staurosporine treated cells

Mark A. KuKuruga kukuru at umich.edu
Mon Sep 11 08:08:34 EST 2000

We saw unexpected results looking at calcium flux in Jurkat.  Forcing the
culture to expand a neomycin resistant clone had resulted in a drug
resistant (MDR phenotype) cell line.  If you have the same, your
staurosporin treatment could indirectly block the efflux of R123, thus
causing a net increase in dye retention.

Mark Cozens wrote:

> I'm studying honours in the Dept. Pathology and am looking at
> depolarisation of the mitochondrial membrane as an early event in
> apoptosis of Jurkat T cells. I'm staining cells with the
> mitochondrial specific dye Rh123 and am using  5microM staurosporine
> treated cells as a positve control to show mitochondrial
> depolarisation. However, staurosporine treatment appears to be
> causing an increased uptake of Rh123. I'm wondering if this is due to
> mitochondrial changes or another property of staurosporine treatment
> that is increasing uptake of the dye.
> If anyone has any experience with this area or any ideas, feedback
> would be muchly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Anna Hearps
> (ahearps at postoffice.utas.edu.au)
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