In search of Human Neutrophil Apoptotic inducers

George F. Babcock babcocgf at
Mon Sep 11 10:36:36 EST 2000


         We induce apoptosis in human neutrophils on a regular basis.  I
not sure what you mean by relatively fast acting but we use PMA
(40ug/ml).  It induces apoptosis in 30min. to 1hr. in approximately 50% of
the PMNs.

University of Cincinnati

At 11:23 AM 9/7/00 -0500, Kuhnmuench, John wrote:

>Hello All,
>I am having some trouble finding a reliable apoptotic inducing ligand,
>reagent, etc. That I can use on human neutrophils and that is also relativly
>fast acting.  We are using the ApoAlert system from Clontech. What I need is
>something that will induce apoptosis quickly.  We are looking at a number of
>different compounds that may inhibit apoptosis,  and because of the
>relativly short lifespan of these neutrophils we need something speedy, yet
>won't overwhelm the cells and cause them all to all die immediatly.  Any
>help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank you,
>John R. Kuhnmuench III
>Medical College of Wisconsin
>Department of Pathology
>ImmunoPathology Research Laboratory
>Froedtert West Hospital
>9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
>Milwaukee, WI 53226
>Ph. 805-2678

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