Aerosol containment

Simon Monard smonard at
Fri Sep 8 08:30:15 EST 2000

I have made a Class I hood type containment module for my Vantage SE (and previously
for my FACStar Plus), it far exceeds any containment criteria I have seen, it does not
get in the way much when not in use or when in use and would be cheaper than the BD
unit. If there is enough interest it will become commercially available. I have not
used the BD system which concentrates on the sort chamber only.

Simon Monard
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>>> Hastings Richard RC <richard.hastings at> - 9/6/2000 4:05 PM >>>


I run a Facs Vantage SE. The machine has been great, sorts are pure, number
of cells sorted is right on the money and drop delay profiles are perfect.
Before I came to this facility, my boss ordered the aerosol containment
module for this instrument because he may require the sorting of lentivirus
infected cells. I have no experience with this piece of hardware. Will this
get in my way on a day to day basis or does it have a fairly benign

Thanks, Rich Hastings

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