Rh123 uptake in staurosporine treated cells

Mark Cozens M.A.Cozens at utas.edu.au
Thu Sep 7 23:40:29 EST 2000

I'm studying honours in the Dept. Pathology and am looking at
depolarisation of the mitochondrial membrane as an early event in
apoptosis of Jurkat T cells. I'm staining cells with the
mitochondrial specific dye Rh123 and am using  5microM staurosporine
treated cells as a positve control to show mitochondrial
depolarisation. However, staurosporine treatment appears to be
causing an increased uptake of Rh123. I'm wondering if this is due to
mitochondrial changes or another property of staurosporine treatment
that is increasing uptake of the dye.
If anyone has any experience with this area or any ideas, feedback
would be muchly appreciated.
Anna Hearps
(ahearps at postoffice.utas.edu.au)
Mark A Cozens
Division of Pathology
University of Tasmania
ph	03 62264828
fax	03 62264833

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