Tough CLL case

Sharon F Vogt svogt at
Wed Sep 6 04:31:57 EST 2000

Hi folks,

We had an interesting CLL/SLL the other day: CD19+ CD20dim CD5+ CD22dim
FMC7neg, lambda light chain dim, CD11c+, CD38neg, _but it was CD23neg_. At
most, one might call the CD23 partial, but it was in no way obviously
positive. We sent the case out for consult and it was, again, determined to
be a CLL. The specimen was a lymph node, 56yr M, peripheral blood
lymphocytosis: WBC 9.2, lymphs 73%, RBC 3.5, Hct 35. I would have run the pb
if I'd been able to get my hands on it. Might the cells have been more
positive for CD23 in the pb environment?

A subsequent bone marrow biopsy went to a reference lab for flow cytometry.
That specimen was interpreted as being involved with mantle cell lymphoma.
Now the oncologists aren't sure who to believe. I'm trying to get the plots
from the other lab and this will all go to tumor board/review on Monday.

I'm looking for some comments from you all. I'd be more than happy to fax
plots to anyone who is interested in seeing them. Sort of like an unofficial
(free) consult. Anyone?  :]

Thanks very much,


Sharon F. Vogt
Dekalb Medical Center
Atlanta, GA

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