laser sale!

Frederic Preffer preffer at
Tue Sep 5 17:28:36 EST 2000

working lasers for sale - back to school cytometry bargains!

Need a 'real' laser and dont have a spare $30ish k lying around?  Consider
this I-70 Coherent argon ion laser head and power supply. Requires 208- 3
phase power water cooling and you dont want to know about all those amps!
Puts out over 500mw @488nm.   price= $5k + shipping

S/P 27mw air cooled HeNe laser.  Just plug it in, and you are exciting at
632.8 nm! Needs just normal current, without any puddles to slosh through.
 Use it to push APC or Cy5, or impress your colleagues and use it as a
pointer.    price=$1k + shipping

F Preffer

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