FACSCaliburs and MacLogin

Marty Bigos bigos at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 5 10:29:18 EST 2000

Similar problems occur on the Vantage. The point in your last
paragraph is very relevant.

Marty Bigos
Stanford Shared FACS Facility

>Well, what is true is that the FACSCalibur does have difficulties to connect
>to a Mac when the Mac has been restarted while the Calibur is already
>running for a while... (the time is not really consistent).
>This seems to be because the BDIO board on the Calibur must run some kind of
>initialisation routine during which it accepts connections attemps from the
>Mac, after that - doesn´t work anymore. Only BD knows the details why..
>But this is completely independent of MacLogin !!!! Happens with every Mac !
>And it´s a BD Problem that they should fix ! As far as I know there is no
>way around than restarting the Calibur shortly before the Mac...
>Cheers, Matthias
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