G4 for FACSCalibur - and a plug for Mario!!

Tue Oct 10 14:28:11 EST 2000

Having read the great PC vs Mac debate going on here, I thought I'd throw in
my two cents worth on the whole matter. The whole issue of who's computer is
best comes down (really) to personal preferences.

Personally I have never understood the appeal of a Mac, and I've owned
computers since the heyday of the Trash System 80s. But to each his or her
own. It would certainly be nice if BD were to offer its customers the option
of Windows, Mac, BeOS or Linux, but that seems unlikely in the extreme. I
seriously doubt BD would invest the development time required, because the
expense would not justify it. And don't hold out for a Java-based CellQuest
- the list of Java applications that "run anywhere" are very few indeed.
Java may someday be capable of such feats, but for now it is far to sluggish
to handle real-time acquisition on a cytometer.

The biggest advantage to me for using a Mac instead of a PC on the Calibur
is that no one (here anyways) will be using it for anything other than FACS.

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