Operator Position, Stanford FACS Facility

Marty Bigos bigos at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 13 18:48:25 EST 2000

Send CV and cover letter to:
	David Parks
	Beckman B007
	Stanford University
	Stanford, CA 94305

email:	drparks at stanford.edu

Duties and Responsibilities:
The  Stanford Shared FACS Facility at the Stanford University School
of Medicine is seeking a LSRA I/II as a flow cytometry operator to
run cell analysis and sorting instrumentation in a core facility for
a diverse group of researchers in the Stanford community.   Under the
direction of the Facility Director, the duties for both
classifications include:  operate flow cytometers for analysis and
sorting for a wide variety of biological applications; perform
routine maintenance on equipment; become familiar with all software
used in the Facility and assist Facility users in learning to use
commercial and custom software. The operator will be expected to
understand the usual biological applications, cell handling
techniques, and reagents used by researchers, work with research
staff on implementation of changes and updates to FACS Facility
instruments and computer capabilities.	Must be able to work a
flexible schedule to meet the needs of the Facility. Must comply with
government and University policies regarding health and safety

In addition, the LSRA II candidate is expected to thoroughly
understand and be able to explain details of FACS instrument
functions through orientation sessions and have the knowledge to
assist self-operators of these instruments in improving their skills.
Under supervision of the Facility Manager, the experienced candidate
is expected to assist researchers in designing experiments and in
evaluating their results.  The LSRA II will work with research staff
on implementation of changes and updates to FACS Facility instruments
and computer capabilities.

BA in life sciences or engineering related discipline.	 Must be well
organized, able to prioritize, and eager to learn new techniques.
Ability to work with a wide variety of people is essential.  Prior
experience as a cell sorter operator in a biological research
setting, research in cell biology or related areas, or
use/maintenance of scientific instruments is highly desirable.

LSRA II candidate is expected to have a combination of education
(Master of Science) and/or experience in the field to work
independently, and to serve as a resource for users; to   train new
users, and help self-operators solve problems with their instrument

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