Inflation Busters! Evergreen Laser Does it AGAIN!

Frederic Preffer preffer at
Thu Nov 2 12:48:33 EST 2000

Dear Fellow Cytometrists

I have always been a big fan and booster of EVERGREEN LASER.  From the day
remanufactured a few of my 5 watt I-90s about 10 years ago and made them
THAN NEW, I have sung their praises here and anywhere else the question of a
laser problem arose.  Sure, you can spend $16,000 and have the manufacturer
retube and bless your light source, but why do that? Think of the national
economy. Think of  YOUR budget!!  Send me just half your savings from dealing
with Evergreen and I will holiday in Hawaii for a week.  You say you dont have
or want to spend $30-40ish K to plunk down for a new needed new light source?
..then, I would try Evergreen.

For an almost unbelievable fraction of an original manufacturers price, you
have the cheerful and exquisitely knowledgeable EVERGREEN folks do an
incredibly professional and quick fix!  Yesterday morning I drove there myself
with my 15 year old ailing argon I-90 that I couldn't get a UV line out of,
drove away after lunch [lunch & Halloween candy was provided] with hundreds of
UV milliwatts at my disposal!  As far as I know they can and do fix any
kind of
laser, be it air or water cooled.   And, I feel like it only cost me the price
of fuel between Boston and Durham to have all this done!  Although my car ride
was easy, dont be afraid to contact them about shipping your lasers to their
shop- they can help with that too.

Call them!!

They are located in Durham CT
(860) 349-1797
 email=  elc at

F Preffer

Dr. Frederic I Preffer
Department of Pathology
Charlestown Navy Yard- 7140
Massachusetts General Hospital East
Charlestown, MA 02129

voice     [617] 726-7481
fax        [617] 724-3164
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