CD14 and CD19 positive cells

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Wed Mar 8 15:13:41 EST 2000


Another quite probable explanation is that the CD19/CD14 positive "cells" are doublets
or triplets containing both monocytes and B-Cells.

You can try to sort then onto microscope slides and counterstain with PI then view
with a fluorescence mic but such clumps may dissociate during sorting.

I've seen this with T-Cells and monocytes.


I was wondering if anyone has seen a population positive for both CD14 and CD19. I
am staining peripheral blood lymphocytes and am looking at the B cell population. I
originally just used CD19 to get the B cells. However recently I began using CD3,
CD14 to exclude any T cells and monocytes. I will use CD56 as well to exclude NK
cells. However, I did see some cells that were positive for both CD19 and CD14. Are
these cells monocytes or are they B cells. I do want to look at all B cells, my question
is how can I find out if these cells are truly B cells or if they are monocytes?

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