anti virus software on FACScan and FACSCalibur

David L. Haviland, PhD dhavilan at
Mon Mar 6 22:26:19 EST 2000

On Mon, 6 Mar 2000 ckuszyns at UNMC.EDU wrote:

> Norton and Cell Quest. do not sem to coexist peacefully on either the
> Quadra or the new blue PM.  We have removed all of the background functions
> since the computer would often "lock-up" whenever the background disk
> checking functions were in progress.  This however was not limitet to only
> during Cell Quest.  The Computer Gurus here (at our center) have
> recommended that Norton not be used with OS8.XX and following.

Good point but it isn't just CQ that doesn't like Norton.  My gut feeling
is that Norton doesn't get along with any software that is CPU intensive.
I know for fact (putting on my other hat) that Norton doesn't work well
with the ABI software for automated sequencers (373 and 377) either and
such software collisions resulted in the loss of the gel image file -
somewhat akin to us losing a whole bunch of histograms from single day...

MacAfee seems to do OK leading me to think it is something with
how Norton works.


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