Carl-Magnus Hogerkorp carl-magnus.hogerkorp at molmed.lu.se
Mon Mar 6 04:25:01 EST 2000

Dear Simon,

We've had Cellquest running in OS 9 for about a month now, without any
problems. What caused me a bit of headache though, was the setup of the
iMate (to enable the use of the cellquest dongle) which apparently needed a
driver found at http://www.griffintechnology.com/imac/imate_driver.html .

Hope this helps.

Carl-Magnus Högerkorp
Stem Cell Laboratory
University Hospital of Lund
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From:	Simon Monard [mailto:smonard at trudeauinstitute.org]
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Subject:	OS9+Cellquest

Bonjour Fleures

Has anyone managed to get Cellquest to work with OS9?

Failing that does anyone know how to remove OS9 in order to install OS8.6,
Our computer
manager is having a tough time getting Cellquest to run on a new G4 MAC.

Simon Monard
FACS Lab Manager
Trudeau Institute
Saranac Lake

Ph 518 891 3080 X352

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