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Thu Mar 2 16:29:44 EST 2000

Could you kindly post this announcement on your internet communications.   Thank
you kindly,     Martha


We are tentatively making an announcement for our next Greater Atlanta Flow
Cytometry Group meeting for the afternoon of Monday, April 24th.

One problem - we need a facility that could accommodate 30-40 people.   Perhaps
a hospital conference room or small auditorium at your work facility?   Can you
help us out on that?

Don Cornelius with CompuCyte has kindly agreed to sponsor this meeting.   He can
line up two very interesting speakers.  He has asked Dr. Richard Clatch to
discuss immunophenotyping by Laser Scanning Cytometry".  Also, Dr. Jim Hendricks
of New Orleans Children's Hospital would talk about "Quantitative Histology and
Cytology by Laser Scanning Cytometry".

We would like a third speaker.   Does anyone know of someone in the Atlanta area
who would like to address this group?   Or would YOU like to address the group?
Suggestions are always welcome.

We will finalize plans by the end of this month and definitely let you know.
In the meantime, we would appreciate your input and possibility of attendance so
we can continue with confidence that this will be a successful meeting.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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