CB phenotying

tessa kerre tessa.kerre at rug.ac.be
Thu Mar 2 10:45:22 EST 2000

Dear flowers,

I posted this message some time ago, together with the proposal to send
anyone interested a CFSE summary. I got a huge amount of people wanting
the summary, but nobody answered my question in the second part. My
theory is that people got so enthusiastic about my proposal they didn't
look further in the e-mail.

So I am sending my questions again, hopin someone would be able to
anwser them...

I have some questions regarding the phenotype of CB cells.

I deplete the fresh or thawed frozen mononuclear cell fraction of human
cord blood , and deplete (with magnetic beads) for CD3. I have done some
flowcytometrical analysis on these cells, and I have some questions:

- I see a CD4low population (monocytes) and a reminescent CD4high, but I
see the same phenomenon with CD8 (sometimes there's a nice segregation
between the two, but in most cases there isn't): are the CD8low cells NK

- In the CD56+ population I also observe 2 intensities: does anyone know
what these two populations represent? Is it possible that the CD56high
cells are gamma-delta cells?

Kind regards,


Tessa Kerre, MD
Gent University Hospital

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