high speed sorters/analysis

Kristin Tans/Elmer ktans at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 1 15:33:58 EST 2000

 >Too many people
>try to use this list to embarrass or get a reaction out of a company when
>the problem is frustration or inexperience on their part. These people
>should touch the plates with the high-voltage on...
>Marcia Woda
>Manager, FACS Shared Instrument Facility
>Univ. of Mass Medical School
>Worcester, Ma.  01655

I just had to comment on this part of the email-- Having recently touched
the plates with the high-voltage on, by accident of course, It is not
something that anyone should wish upon someone.  Perhaps that is why I am
quite charged by your comments.  I thought this list was supposed to be a
forum for people in flow cytometry.  I think it's wonderful that you run
400 to 600 samples a day, however, have you ever had to sit and sort 60
million cells in a day?  If so, you would see that being able to look at
50,000 cells/second is quite an advantage over 3,000 cells/second. Also,
having high speed allows one to sort and have time to put in a vote.  Let's
keep it nice.  Nastiness is not necessary.

Kristin J Elmer
Instrumentation Specialist
University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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