Alexa Red

Oscar Kai Okai at
Thu Jun 29 02:20:41 EST 2000

Sorry for not relaying the specific information on this issue.
I am referring to Alexa Fluor 568 Dye purchased from Molecular Probes

Hope it helps

>>> "Gayle Hatleberg" <GayleHatleberg at> 06/29/00 12:12AM >>>
Dear Oscar
    Which Alexa dye are you using?  Where did you purchase it from.  I was just
interested if it came from Molecular Probes.
Thanks for the information

Bourin Writes:

Alexa RED does not exist, if you refer to Molecular probes productes.

Oscar Kai wrote :

> Dear Flowers,
> We are currently setting up a protocol to run malaria infected red cells on a coulter
> XL II. We have different markers we want to study using labeled antibodies. One of
> these cromogens/colours conjugated to these antibodies is Alexa Red.
> 1) Can Alexa Red be excited by a 488nm argon Laser?
> 2)  Alexa red has a wide wavelength from 550 - >> 700. We are not sure whether to use
> the 575 , 620 or 675 filters in order to avoid overlap in 575 as we also use Ethidium
> Bromide to stain the parasite and use FL2 575 wavelength filter.
> 3) Is it possible for Alexa red to be excited by secondary emission .
> Any ideas?

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