nonspecific staining with tricolor and cychrome

Juergen Ostwald juergen.ostwald at
Mon Jun 5 04:07:47 EST 2000

Hallo Helen,
we have fighted with a similiar problem-the solution for my knowledge is
the possibility, that damaged or dead cells take up in an unspecific
manner Tricolor.

Levelt, C.N., Eichmann, K.: Streptavidin-Tricolor is a reliable marker
for nonviable cells subjected to permeabilization or fixation.
Cytometry 15 (1994) 84-86

Helen Horton schrieb:

> Dear flowers-
> I have been using tricolor and cychrome- labelled antibodies for
> staining mouse splenocytes and have been getting a lot of background
> staining (i.e my isotype controls labelled with these fluorescent
> markers are sticking). I have tried using Fc block (Pharmingen) from
> 2-8ug/sample but this does not appear to be helping much. Can anyone
> help?
> Thanks in advance,
> Helen
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