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Thanks Doug
Does anyone have the same kind of information for confocal microscopy?

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>There have been a number of requests for answers regarding the service
>contract issue and the viability of the third party option.  I asked about
>Tritech (for B-D service), and ABS - Alternative Biomedical Services Inc
>(for Beckman-Coulter service).  I have enclosed the responses in quotes for
>those companies.  There was also a discussion on the e-mail list about a
>year or two ago about other service options, about paying a company that
>would call Becton-Dickinson or Beckman Service for you, and that you would
>pay a fee and they would bet the service would be less.  I think that is
>called Asset management, but I don't really know much about the contracting
>business.  So, I have also included one comment concerning that issue as
>well where they used a company called Novamed.  I checked the Purdue Web
>site this morning, and both Tritech and Alternative Biomedical Services are
>linked in the commercial Web Site directory onder Cytometry Services.  I
>hope that these comments are helpful and provide cost-effective alternatives
>for labs fighting for research or clinical dollars.
>There was one comment about ABS (Alternative Biomedical Services):
>"We have been using ABS for 18 months to service 3 XLs and find them very
>professional,  competent,  cost effective,  and  available when I need them.
>I rate them better than my Coulter service."
>There were two comments about Tritech.  One mentioned that he knew a B-D
>repairman who went to work for Tritech.  It was someone he trusted.  There
>was one other comment regarding Tritech:
>"I now have a service agreement with Tritech to cover my 2 FACScans and 2
>Caliburs. I dont have a service contract as such but have them do 2 PMs a
>year plus as much phone support as I need. I have always found Ray Lannigan
>a very agreeable and knowledgeable fellow, he took care of my benchtop
>instruments when he worked for BD. I have such an agreement as we are way up
>there in the middle of nowhere and it would not be practicle for him to come
>all the way up here every time. He will send me parts and tell me how to
>install them."
>One person responded using a company called Novamed, which from the
>description looks more like Asset management rather than a service contract,
>but provides a similar benefit for the user.  That message is as follows:
>"We used a third party provider, Novamed, for service on our SCAN and Calibur.
>The actual service was done by B-D.  Novamed is "betting" that you will
>use less
>service than is included in a service contract.  They discount the B-D
>price by about 15% and based on your service experience they rebate most
>of the
>savings.  the bottom line is that we saved about 50%.  They do equipment in
>general, not just flow cytometers."
>There was one generalized negative comment, that didn't seem to be from any
>specific experience, but from general anxiety regarding the issue of 3rd
>party service.  I actually talked to a representative about that issue, and
>I am meeting with a representative from Tritech later this month.  They
>believe they can provide the appropriate service.  Anyway, that message of
>concern is as follows:
>"I have allways been against this option. First the equipment you have is
>very specialized. the boards in the instrument are not standard and by in
>large are only available through your cytometer manufacturer.
>And guess who would be last in line if they need them for their customers.
>  I assure you will wait longer and in the end, and  this company will have
>to go to the cytometer manufacturer to effect anything other then a simple
>repair. Best of Luck in the future"
>These are actually all the comments that I received.  I trust that they are
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