high speed sorters/analysis

Woda, Marcia Marcia.Woda at umassmed.edu
Tue Feb 29 18:53:56 EST 2000

When you see the same people ranting and raving about some machine or
particular s/w package they like my thought is that these people have
nothing more important to  be doing. This is sad.

My 3 analysers and 2  sorters work fine-I am just too busy running them to
put in a vote.  The original question from Andreas was I believe what sorter
could do both analysis and sorting efficiently. It is just wonderful that
the Mo flo can analyse at 50,000 cells/second . How long does it take to
manually put a sample on, have the cells snake there way up to the sensing
area, and the flow stablise before you hit the acquire key? Would you want
to do this hundreds of times a day, each day. We run 400-600 tubes per day ;
ease of sample handling and automation is an important factor to evaluate.
As Joe Trotter pointed out, a company's serivce support in your area is also

Additionally, the way to get a company to respond to one's immediate
problems or  needs for the future-faster electronics, enhancements in
automation, etc etc is to talk with their design engineers . Too many people
try to use this list to embarrass or get a reaction out of a company when
the problem is frustration or inexperience on their part. These people
should touch the plates with the high-voltage on...

Marcia Woda
Manager, FACS Shared Instrument Facility
Univ. of Mass Medical School
Worcester, Ma.  01655


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