fixed sample sorting

Andreas Simm simm at
Thu Feb 10 02:15:19 EST 2000

We tried to isolate RNA from fixed samples
and had bad luck with formaldehyd fixed 
So, we used ethanol fixed cells for sorting
and RNA preparation.

We have published the method in:

Diez C, Bertsch G und Simm A
Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods, 40 (1999) 69-80
“Isolation of Full-size mRNA from Cells Sorted by Flow Cytometry”

Diez C und Simm A
Cardiovascular Research, 40 (1998) 530-537
“Gene Expression in rod shaped cardiac myocytes, sorted by flow 

There is another paper from the group of Radbruch, using a 
combination of ethanol and acetic acid for fixation:
Esser et al., Cytometry 21 (1995) 382-86

Hope this helps


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