Sort Master for Mo Flo, Surfactants

Michael Hamilton mhamilton at
Tue Feb 8 19:03:54 EST 2000

Hi MoFlo-ers,
	Our facility is thinking about the Sort Master upgrade. I was hoping
to get some feed back from any one who has any experience with the
equipment. Especially interested in any comments on ease of use,
reliability, and sort results etc.
	Another issue of interest is the ability to sort in a low ionic
media. Our company does not sort cells, and would be interested in using a
surfactant (enriched) sheath. Does any one have experience with how much
TWEEN (for example) can be used without destabilizing the stream, or
prohibitively effecting the ability to charge the sorted packets?
	Thank you in advance...

	Please contact me at mhamilton at

	Thanks again,

	Michael Sean Hamilton

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