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Brian Chelack BRIAN.CHELACK at
Fri Aug 25 17:58:02 EST 2000

Hi everyone;

I've been asked to provide comments on the relative merits of the
following two instruments; the FACStar+ and the Epics elite.  As a bit
of background, monies have been allocated for the purchase of a newer
flow cytometer, we have owned a FACSort with the old Consort 32
workstation since 1994 and I have been involved in the operation of this
instrument since that time.  We have been fairly satisfied with the
performance and reliability of this instrument but realize that we need
to update it.  The thought right now is that we will need higher speed
sorting capabilities, but the funding available will not permit the
purchase of the newest technology.  We are looking at a refurbished
FACStar + or Epics elite, hopefully with updated software sets, as
possible alternatives.

My mission is to gather information about these two instruments, their
strong and weak points and try to provide a logical rationale for the
purchase of one over the other.  While I do have experience with B-D's
FACSort and FACScan I have only rudimentary knowledge of the instruments
in question.  I want to keep an open mind at this point, but I'm sure
there is a wealth of information out there about these two instruments
which might help us decide on our purchase.

If anyone has any information they would care to share with me I would
be most appreciative. Comments regarding hardware, software, ease of
use, instrument idiosyncracies, dealer support or any other information
will be welcome.

Comments may be sent directly to me at:

brian.chelack at


bjc - Brian

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