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Elizabeth R Simons esimons at bu.edu
Tue Aug 22 12:50:33 EST 2000

I've also had superb experience with Evergreen.
Elizabeth R> Simons

Larry Arnold wrote:
> I know many on the group are aware of Evergreen laser but thought I would
> let the group know of my recent experience with them.  4 years ago
> Evergreen refurbished the plasma tube of a Coherent 90-5 Argon Laser for me
> (actually a conversion from krypton to argon 90-K to 90-5).  It is still
> going strong.  Recently my other 90-5 which I use primarily for UV needed
> to be refurbished.  This tube had a new Coherent tube put in at about the
> same time as Evergreen rebuilt that other one.  As I recall the max UV
> power was about 400mW.  My memory from some time back was that Evergreen
> could not effectively refurbish an argon for UV due to patent issues held
> by Coherent on the Brewster windows.  That patent has now run out and
> Evergreen told me they can now do this and in fact have their own source of
> Brewster windows that they claimed were better than the original Coherent
> ones.  Must be true.  I sent Evergreen the laser and it came back last week
> - over 700mW 350-360!  Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with their
> work and service.  I won't quote the price but it was about 25% of the cost
> of a new tube.  If you need a UV tube rebuilt I strongly recommend Evergreen.
> Larry
> Note:  I have no financial interest in Evergreen - just a very satisfied
> customer.
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