Evergreen Laser - better than ever

Larry Arnold lwarma at med.unc.edu
Fri Aug 18 14:30:36 EST 2000

I know many on the group are aware of Evergreen laser but thought I would
let the group know of my recent experience with them.  4 years ago
Evergreen refurbished the plasma tube of a Coherent 90-5 Argon Laser for me
(actually a conversion from krypton to argon 90-K to 90-5).  It is still
going strong.  Recently my other 90-5 which I use primarily for UV needed
to be refurbished.  This tube had a new Coherent tube put in at about the
same time as Evergreen rebuilt that other one.  As I recall the max UV
power was about 400mW.  My memory from some time back was that Evergreen
could not effectively refurbish an argon for UV due to patent issues held
by Coherent on the Brewster windows.  That patent has now run out and
Evergreen told me they can now do this and in fact have their own source of
Brewster windows that they claimed were better than the original Coherent
ones.  Must be true.  I sent Evergreen the laser and it came back last week
- over 700mW 350-360!  Needless to say I'm extremely pleased with their
work and service.  I won't quote the price but it was about 25% of the cost
of a new tube.  If you need a UV tube rebuilt I strongly recommend Evergreen.


Note:  I have no financial interest in Evergreen - just a very satisfied

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