propidium iodide waste disposal

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>Dear Fellow Flowers, especially UK ones,
>how do you dispose of your waste when contaminated with propidium iodide? Is
>there anybody that can recommend protocols or treatments to allow the
>filtered buffer to be safely disposed of without environmental risk?
>Thanks again for your help as usual, and I'll post a summary of the replays.
>Cheers, Mara

Several standard method for removal of ethidium bromide toxicity  have been
described in the classic 'Molecular Cloning' by Sambrook et al.. (pp.
E.8-E.9).  Since PI and EB have very similar structures I suppose these
methods apply to both.
The possibilities are:
A. for concentrated solutions:	1. use of nitrite in acid solution
				2. to use permanganate in acid solution
(both methods are based on  oxidation of the planar aromatic rings
responsible for DNA intercalation)

B. for diluted solutions:		Use absorbent (e.g. activated charcoal) to
remove the EtBr from the solution



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