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Actually we also performing cell enumeration CD34, and CFU after
thawing. In France many groups do not. However we think that if it do
not stop the infusion (results were obtained after infusion) it
participate to the quality control of the entire process. Indeed there
is big differences between pre- and post-cryopreservation results. But
it is difficult to know why. We performe dead cell evaluation by flow
cytometry (IP) concurrently with CD34 evaluation.

Philippe Bourin

Liza McGuire wrote :

>  Good-day to you flowers, I am searching for guidelines and/or
> standards that involve testing peripheral blood stem cell collections
> post cryopreservation. At this point our laboratory is testing for
> viability, sterility, CD34 enumeration and CFU at the point of
> collection (fresh sample) as well as at the point of infusion (post
> thaw). Is it necessary to do all of the testing post cryopreservation?
> Naturally, the results will not correlate with pre cryopreservation.
> Furthermore, they are time consuming and the decision for the stem
> cell infusion dose has already been made. I would consider any post
> cryopreservation data points to be useful for future clinical research
> studies. What do you think?I have checked into FAHCT guidelines and if
> I understood correctly the decision is left up to the laboratory
> director.I am trying to get a feel of what the "norm" might be. What
> is the consensus? I appreciate and I will be grateful for any input
> that you may have.Thanks a bunch in advance,Liza McGuire
> Bone Marrow Processing Lab
> Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
> 130 S 9th Street, Rm. 400 Edison
> Philadelphia, PA 19107-5233
> (215)955-9646
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