annexin V dim cells

shawn_jackson shawn_jackson at
Wed Apr 12 09:19:20 EST 2000

hey flow-ers

I have a question concerning the occurrence of annexin V-dim cells vs. bright
cells. I need help with references and/or data experience!

I am staining peripheral blood from mice infected with vaccinia, and then
staining the CD8 cells with annexin V-fitc. I see a population of annexin+
cells extending even up past the 2nd log at many time points, but at certain
times I see very bright cells up at the 3rd log.

I have been warned that only these very bright cells are truly AV+, cells with
any intentions whatsoever of doing anything related to a death process, while
the dimmer cells represent actively proliferating cells only, with no
intentions of dying. and these dimmer cells are likely to return to an AV-
population quickly.

Could anyone help me with references or personal experince addressing the
status of these AV dim cells in contrast to bright ones?


shawn jackson
grad student
harvard univ
boston, ma

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