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Mon Sep 20 07:19:51 EST 1999

Dear Brian,
If adhesiveness of platelets is excluded, nothing argues against M7.
For preB-ALL we would expect CD10, 19, DR, 34, cytoplasmic CD79, cyTdT.
Clinical information, CBC and ideally jpeg-files from the morphology are
helpful for submission of such cases.
Thomas Nebe
Klinikum Mannheim
D-68135 Mannheim
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> I have an interesting/puzzling case for the group. A 16 month old Female,
> (non-Downs) was diagnosed with M7 seven weeks ago. She was not doing well
> on
> therapy and we got the case. Her morphology shows large blebbing
> blast-like
> cells but her cytogenetics look very pre B-ALLish, WBC is 3.2X10^6/mL. Her
> flow
> is as follows:
> Positive for CD38, CD42a, CD56 and CD117
> Partially/Dimly positve for CD33 and CD61
> Negative for CD3, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD11b, CD13, CD14, CD15, CD16, CD19,
> CD20, CD34, CD95, Kappa, Lambda, TdT, MPO and HLA-DR
> There also is a population of about 0.5% of the BM that is CD10+CD22+ (pre
> B-ALL fraction of two clones?) which falls in the same CD45vs.SSC gate but
> seems negative for all other markers.
> Any ideas?
> Brian Newsom
> Director, Flow Cytometry
> Center for Cell and Gene Therapy
> Baylor College of Medicine << Datei: ATT00411.ATT >> 

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