T-Cell Diagnostics.

Ron rondudek at miltenyibiotec.com
Thu Sep 16 15:41:18 EST 1999

Endogen bought the former T Cell Diagnostics cytokine product line.

Diamedics bought the CD4 ELISA which has again changed hands over to

I think maybe BD picked up their T cell receptor antibodies?  Maybe BD can

T Cell kind of still exists.  They were merged into another productless
pharmaceutical company located in Cambridge, MA.

>I know they became Endogen just a while ago.
>I just called their 800 number with success.
>Try 1-800-487-4885
>Dax Arguello
>Huntsman Cancer Institute
>Flow Cytometry Core Facility
>Salt Lake City, UT
>dax.arguello at hci.utah.edu
>(801) 581-8641
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>Subject: T-Cell Diagnostics.
>Dear Flowers,
>     Does anyone have a contact for T-Cell sciences?  Every number I try is
>disconnected and their web page is gone!
>Are they out of business and if so did anyone take over their line of
>TCR-VD monoclonals?
>Thanks for any info.
>Craig Irwin
>The Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center

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