how to recover data on bad MO disk?

Peter F. Moore pfmoore at UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Oct 6 09:31:18 EST 1999

Dear Fang-Yao

Disk first aid is very rudimentary - you need to check the disk out and
perhaps attempt to repair the directory with something like Disk Warrior
from (about $65 from  I had a bad zip disk
full of data - Norton utilities froze up trying to fix it - Disk warrior
did the job.  Disk warrior is a "one trick pony"  there are many things it
does not do.  So as with any OS you need a kit bag of utilities to take
care of problems as they arise.  Disk warrior is worth having around even
if it fails you on this occasion and you have to use a data recovery
service - it will certainly save you at some other time.  Disk warrior is
very safe to use - it creates a new directory structure and locks the old
and new directories, allowing you to inspect them to make sure everything
is accounted for before accepting the new directory structure.

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